Telephone Time Clocks

Your mobile and dispersed workforce use their own phone to punch in, check schedules, and more. This is an ideal and practical solution for agricultural, healthcare, construction, service, or any industry with mobile workers.

  • Punch in using any phone or cell phone.
  • Automate time sheets — no more paper.
  • Provide employee self service by phone.

Attendance on Demand works seamlessly with the Telliris Attend telephone-based time collection system. This interactive voice response (IVR) solution enables employees to punch, check their schedules, receive messages from their supervisors, call in sick, and request time off — all from a touch-tone telephone.

The call dialog and professionally-recorded voice prompts are customized to meet each organization's needs.

Telephone Time Tracking

  • Use the telephone like a punch clock.
  • Collect and validate as much data as you need.
  • Supervisors enter time and labor for their crew.
  • Employees without web access can review accrued time, request time off, and receive notification — all over the phone.
  • Call employees to work an upcoming shift.

Optional Modules

  • Multi Language.
  • Text to Speech.
  • Speech Recognition.
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