IDpunch 7

The IDpunch 7 is a simple, low-cost web time recorder that gathers employee In and Out punches using badge or PIN entry and perform many employee and supervisor functions.

The IDpunch 7 Finger Reader is a low cost biometric time clock that employees punch In and Out by placing their finger on the reader.

The IDpunch 7 provides the following key features:

  • Internet capability. The IDpunch 7 can communicate with the hosted system, Attendance on Demand using HTTP.
  • Ease of use. Once the IDpunch 7 is installed, plugged into the power outlet and Ethernet port, and configured, it can communicate with the hosted system immediately.
  • Comprehensive function key operations. Employees can review worked hours, check benefits, enter tips, and so on. The supervisor menu is used to perform transactions on behalf of employees.
  • Employee punch time restriction. Using punch restrictions prevents employees from punching In or Out on the IDpunch 7 at unauthorized times.
  • Supports both badge and PIN entry.
  • Finger Reader model supports both Identify and Verify mode.
  • 250 employees, 5000 transaction limit.
  • Badges are less expensive than standard HID or proximity badges.


Download the IDpunch 7 brochure

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