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Mobile Workforce Management

The Digital Frontier


Utter the words "mobile workforce," and some executives picture pajama-clad employees sitting at kitchen tables surfing the Internet on the clock. But with studies demonstrating that digital labor promotes lower overhead, better recruitment and retention, and improved productivity, the reality is that mobile working is on the rise—for good reason. However, organizations that want to take advantage of this new digital frontier must overcome the unique obstacles mobile work creates: namely over-connection and disconnection. Over-connection, the plight of employees who are too "plugged in," can increase labor and overtime costs; disconnection occurs when mobile employees suffer from a lack of communication with colleagues and the company culture. One way to combat both connectivity issues is with a tool most organizations already employ: a time and attendance system. With time tracking features and functionalities designed for the needs of mobile workers, an effective time and attendance system helps overcome over-connection and disconnection to support a successful, effective and productive mobile workforce.

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