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December 2016 | ACA Subsidy Notices

How appealing could prevent IRS penalty investigations

September 2016 | Earlier ACA Deadlines and New Overtime Rules

ACA deadlines arrive earlier in 2017 and more employers will be required to file; Strategies to Help Stop Escalating Overtime Costs

July 2016 | Overtime Rules Are Changing

DOL Doubles Overtime Salary Threshold; 3 Steps to Access When Overtime is Okay

May 2016 | Lower Labor Costs This Summer

Secrets of Summer Scheduling; 3 Ways Employers Benefit from Summer Hours

March 2016 | A Closer Look at the Minimum Wage Law Trend

4 Factors Driving Minimum Wage Increases; Small Business Owners Speak Up on Raising Wages

January 2016 | Extended! IRS Pushes ACA Deadlines

Free Webinar – Paid Sick Leave: Challenges & Solutions for Complying With New Mandates; IRS Extends ACA Filing Deadlines; Insourcing ACA Reporting the Easy Way

November 2015 | ACA marches on.

This issue focuses on ACA reporting deadlines, and the third ACA enrollment period has begun.

September 2015 | ACA, ALE, IRS, oh my.

This issue's features a free webinar to help choose the right ACA compliance reporting software, and how aggregated companies are affected by applicable large employer status

July 2015 | ACA is Here to Stay—Now What?

This issue's articles focus on the 4 things businesses need to do after the SCOTUS ACA ruling, and what the Amazon security line ruling means for FLSA claims

May 2015 | 3 ACA Benefits to Businesses

This issue focuses on Affordable Care Act issues for employers: 3 surprising benefits of ACA, and why limiting workers' hours may incur penalties -- and how to avoid them. And don't miss June 18, 2015 free webinar "Managing Part-Time Workers for the ACA"

March 2015 | Four ACA Forms Employers Need to Understand

FREE Affordable Care Act Webinar: Managing Your Variable Hour Workforce

IRS Unveils ACA Forms for Employers

2015: Year of the Affordable Care Act

January 2015 | Paid Sick Leave Laws on the Rise

4 Paid Sick Leave Trends

Overtime Pay for Salaried Employees

November 2014 | ACA Prep: 2 Business Profiles

ACA 2015—Are You Ready?

The Waiting Game

September 2014 | Who's at risk of non-compliance investigation

Compliance in the Crosshairs

The HR Competitive Advantage

July 2014 | Characteristics of Millenials at Work

Seeing the Future—Millennials at Work

5 Trends Shaping HR in 2014

May 2014 | 3 Ways to keep data safer online

Protecting Confidential Data Online

Time & Attendance Goes Mobile for Managers

March 2014 | 3 Ways to Use the ACA Delay Wisely

3 Ways to Use the ACA Delay Wisely

How to Manage ACA Eligibility

January 2014 | Reducing PPACA Obligations

Extinction of the Full-Time Employee?

#1 Way to Reduce PPACA Obligations

September 2013 | The Pitfalls of Bring Your Own Device Programs

The Rise of BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

Full Rollout of Affordable Care Act Delayed until 2015

July 2013 | DOMA & FMLA: How It Affects Your Organization

DOMA & FMLA Tracking

Wage Laws and Natural Disasters

May 2013 | Managing Health Care Eligibility for Part-Time Workers

Health Care Eligibility & Part-Time Workers

DOL Looks to Increase On-Site FMLA Investigations

March 2013 | Taking Advantage of Health Care Tax Credits

Taking Advantage of Health Care Tax Credits

FMLA 'Final Rule' Now in Effect

January 2013 | 3 Periods in Standard PPACA Determination

Affordable Care Act Makes Time Tracking Important Now

Is It Regular Rate or Overtime?

November 2012 | 3 Reasons Every Business Needs a Time and Attendance Solution

3 Reasons Every Business Needs a Time and Attendance Solution

Forever 21 Subpoenaed for FLSA Infractions

September 2012 | Headache-Free Integration

4 Factors of Headache-Free Payroll Integration

Leave Time and the American Worker

July 2012 | 3 Ways to Avoid a DOL Audit

3 Ways to Avoid a DOL Audit

Empowering Employees, Improving Accountability

May 2012 | Are you in compliance?

5 Tips for Managing Paid Internships

In the Crosshairs: Lodging Industry

March 2012 | Low-Cost Secret to Recruiting Top Talent

Low-Cost Secret to Recruiting Top Talent

4 Things You Should Know to Avoid Misclassification Mistakes

January 2012 | 3 Ways to Make Payroll Easier

3 Ways to Make Payroll Easier

How to Decipher Workforce Trends

November 2011 | Intelligent HRMS Integration

Intelligent HRMS Integration

Focus on FLSA: Employee Recordkeeping

Keeping Data Confidential Online

September 2011 | Flexibility at Your Fingertips

Tracking Time in the Cloud

Put Vacation Accruals on Auto-Pilot

Punching In, Punching Out

July 2011 | Empowering Employee Communication

Finding Employee Answers

Sending Employees the Right Message

Controlling Labor Costs with Timekeeping

May 2011 | Curb FMLA Abuse

Curbing FMLA Abuse

Security and Reliability in the Cloud

March 2011 | Time Tracking in the Cloud

Time and Attendance in the Cloud

More Than Punching In and Out

Improving Labor Management In 2011

Top Signs You Need Time and Attendance Software

Think Overtime Compliance is Optional? Think Again!

Communicating Changes about the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Year-End Compliance Update

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Updates

Misclassified Employees: Penalties for Workers Labeled as Contractors

The True Cost of Unplanned Absences

How much are No Call, No Shows costing you?

Is Employee Time Theft increasing your overtime costs?

Labor Law Audits on the Rise

Lodging Industry the Focus of Labor Law Compliance Audits

Do-It-Yourself Employee Time Tracking

Top 5 Payroll Questions

The Top Five Questions to Ask About Your Payroll Process

A Phone Call Away

Targeting Labor Costs

Targeting Excess Labor Costs

Keeping Current With FMLA Mandates

Start 2010 Off Right

Start the New Year Right

2010 Employer Mandates

Budget Challenges issue

Facing 2010 Budget Challenges?

Biometric Time Clocks: What Your Employees Need to Know

A Better Way to Punch issue

A Better Way to Punch

Cutting Costly Overtime

Software as a Service issue

SaaS Employee Time Tracking—Does it Pay?

Use It or Lose It: Accurately Tracking Paid Time Off is The Key

Leave Management issue

Use It or Lose It: Accurately Tracking Paid Time Off is the Key

Employee Self Service

Today's Time Clocks issue

Today's Time Clocks: What You Need to Know

Avoid Costly Under- Over-Staffing

FLSA Issue

Avoid Costly Wage and Hour Lawsuits

Biometric Time Clocks: Fear No More

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