Product Features

Time and Labor Management

With Attendance on Demand, you can make better, more informed decisions about your workforce that help you achieve the right levels of employee coverage while lowering costs and adhering to labor laws and corporate policies.

Time and Labor Resources

Time and Labor Engine

Automate complex pay rules with a sophisticated parameter engine that allows you to meet business requirements for managing and reporting labor activities.

Absence Management

Maintain robust customer service and reduce costs and compliance risk by replacing absent employees quickly and efficiently. Address coverage gaps and manage complex staffing requirements that support customer needs. Target replacement employees with specific qualifications to meet desired coverage levels.

Coverage Calculations

We use your formula for determining labor needs — based on your census, zones, acuity, or other factors. Our coverage calculations then determine the labor required for each position throughout the day and update your scheduling template accordingly.

Accruals and Planned Leave

Streamline the administration of paid and unpaid leave policies, from employee requests to manager approval to replacement. Employees receive time-off benefits that are labeled in many ways, e.g., vacation, sick, personal, PTO, bereavement, and FMLA.

Attendance Policy Tracking

Automate attendance policies. Points accrue and expire according to your rules and are visible in the dashboard and in timecards and scheduling filters, as well as throughout the system. Generate employee notification letters based on your customized templates.


Visibility into real-time information streamlines daily workflows. Sharing and analyzing historical time and labor across your organization provides insight into the future needs of your business.

Pay on Demand

Pay on Demand is an innovative service that allows your employees to access wages they’ve already worked for but that haven’t been paid out yet — without your needing to front the capital.

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