Product Features

From core essentials like time and labor management, employee scheduling, and compliance to innovative services like wage advance, Attendance on Demand’s product offerings are designed to help you meet your business’s workforce challenges.

More Than 40 Years in Time and Labor Management

Time and Labor Management

Make better decisions about your workforce that help you achieve the right levels of employee coverage while lowering costs and adhering to labor laws and corporate policies.

Employee Scheduling

You define your labor and budget needs — then we help find the best-fit candidates by filtering based on your criteria, such as availability, qualifications, proximity, rating, and cost.


Manage Organizational policies and federal, state, and local labor regulations — with an automated system that helps you avoid costly violations and fines.

Pay on Demand

An innovative service that allows your employees to access wages they’ve already worked for but that haven’t been paid out yet — without your needing to front the capital.

  • “Tap for pay”
  • No changes to payroll
  • Free for employers and doesn’t charge employees for wage advances
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Time Clocks


The GT10 is a touchless clock offering robust time and attendance capabilities and facial recognition technology.


The GT8 provides state-of-the-art clock technology with multiple convenient scan options for employees.

IntelliTouch 60

The IntelliTouch 60 quickly and easily captures all the information you need to remain compliant and transparent.

I.T. 3200

The I.T. 3200 is a time recorder with multiple reader options that can operate in both office and light industrial settings.

IDpunch 9

The IDpunch 9 tracks key employee time and labor factors while requiring less cost, less installation time, and less training.

IDpunch 7

The IDpunch 7 is a low-cost time recorder that gathers employee punches using badge or PIN entry.