Web-Hosted Service Features

Attendance on Demand is a full featured time and attendance service designed for the way people work. Supervisors and payroll professionals see only the views, menu options, and reports that apply to them and only the employees they are authorized for. A system tailored to each user’s job… another way you can Demand More.

Feature Highlights

Optional Modules

  • Leave Management automates the process of requesting and granting employee leave time, giving supervisors the information they need to intelligently approve time off.
  • Benefit Accruals automate the management of leave time and improve compliance with corporate policies and union contracts.
  • Employee Self Service (ESS) takes the burden of providing employee information off HR while empowering employees. ESS allows employees to add punches, transfer, review their own benefit information, and more.
  • Incidents & Pointsmakes it easy to enforce your attendance policies. Points can be awarded for behavior such as absences and tardies; points can be subtracted for behavior such as perfect attendance. Different point balances can trigger disciplinary action.
  • Coverage Budgets let you create an hour or dollar budget for scheduling and measuring labor. They also create staffing, PTO (paid time off), and other ratios that help you schedule effectively and manage labor efficiently.
  • Custom Report Writer extends reporting capabilities, allowing users to build their own reports combining the data and formats they need.
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