Payroll/HR Integration

Demand more collaboration among your key employee-centered applications. Attendance on Demand integrates seamlessly with HR, Payroll, POS, and other applications.

HR Integration

If you already have an HR system, leverage your investment by sourcing employee information from your existing system. Attendance on Demand provides flexible integration through imports and exports or WSA web-based data transfer. Employee change data, new hires, paid time off balances, and rates can easily be imported. Alternatively, Attendance on Demand can source employee data, and send it to your HR system.

Payroll Integration

Paying employees accurately requires close collaboration between your time and attendance service and your payroll service. Whether payroll is done in-house or is handled by a payroll company, Attendance on Demand provides the right export file or WSA integration. Attendance on Demand exports in proprietary file formats for many popular payroll companies, and supports a translation utility that accommodates 250 additional payroll interfaces. It is simple to send data to your payroll system.

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