Dynamic Time Cards

Changes made in the time card instantly recalculate so totals, summaries, and employee data are always accurate.

Errors and omissions, called exceptions, are flagged automatically in the time card so you know what needs attention.

  • Change punch times and schedules — just click and type.
  • Credit time to the employee.
  • Transfer the employee into another workgroup (department or location, for example).
  • Acknowledge employee exceptions.
  • Perform pay period authorizations.

  • highlight missing punch

    Employee is missing a punch

  • window for entry

    Supervisor simply clicks...

  • type time

    ...then adds a punch

  • confirmation shows

    Supervisor right-clicks to confirm the later arrival

  • corrected time

    The punch time is now 5:15p and the later arrival is acknowledged

10 years of Attendance on Demand