Customers expect the best prices with first-rate service. Meet consumer demand and improve store operations with workforce planning and management that empower supervisors and employees to collaborate on schedules, proactively plan shifts based on budget and labor history, and apply rules consistently to manage regulatory requirements.

Retail Resources

Integrate and Automate

Integrate with payroll, point-of-sale, or HR system to track hours and dollars and manage employee productivity.

Automate compliance mandates, such as paid sick leave, fair scheduling, FLSA, overtime, and managing employees who are minors.

Lower labor costs with visual cues for over- and under-scheduled shifts, approaching overtime, and unplanned absences.

Empower Your Team and Serve Your Customers

Empower employees and supervisors with a human-centered workflow and approval process that includes availability preferences.

Win the war for talent by enhancing team communication via mobile app, employee self-service, and notifications. Delight customers and drive loyalty with insights into your labor spending, attendance patterns, and coverage needs.

Why Choose Attendance on Demand?

Key Features

Meet Customer Demand

Scheduling that integrates customer demand when assigning shifts to candidates.

Smart Scheduling

Reoccurring scheduling templates for ease of use and planning.

Interactive Shift Board

Interactive shift board that pushes open-shift notifications to available employees.

Candidate Filters

Range of customizable candidate filters, including employee preferences, rankings, availability, skills, and attributes.

Wage Advance

Free wage advance service that allows employees to be paid instantly for hours worked.


Collaboration functionality, including shift swaps and the ability to find and substitute available, qualified staff when last-minute changes occur.