From health care and hospitality to manufacturing and staffing, Attendance on Demand provides workforce solutions tailored to an array of industries — designed to support your employees and drive your business.

Used by More Than 1,000,000 Employees

Health Care

Tackle workforce challenges for long-term care, senior living communities, behavioral health, and more to reduce compliance risk, increase employee retention, and provide the highest-quality patient care with skilled labor.

Hospitality and Events

Optimize your hospitality workforce. Achieve defined attendance benchmarks, excellent service, and top consumer ratings by effectively managing, attracting, and empowering employees to create an exceptional guest experience.


Contingent, temporary, freelance, affiliate, or contract workers are crucial drivers of value in your service business. Effective workforce management and planning are critical to company profitability and consumer experience.


Drive productivity in your manufacturing business. Schedule skilled workers based on production commitments and employee preferences, immediately address unplanned absences, and automate benefit tracking, shift premiums, labor reporting, and more.


Meet consumer demand and improve store operations. Empower supervisors and employees to collaborate on schedules, proactively plan shifts based on budget and labor history, and apply rules consistently to meet regulatory requirements.

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