Precise—and efficient—nursing coverage is crucial to maintain quality healthcare for patients and healthy finances for the institution.

Hassle-Free PBJ Reporting Under the Affordable Care Act

Beginning July 2016, long-term care (LTC) facilities must report staffing and census information quarterly through a new software application, Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ). Are you prepared?

Let Attendance on Demand remove the burden of tracking and submitting reports:

  • Simplify the submission process and meet PBJ staffing regulations
  • Automatically calculate CMS required midnight to midnight hours
  • Set up schedules and comply with mandated labor ratios of nurses to patient
  • Proactively manage employee status for the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

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Payroll-based Journal Reporting brochure

Understanding PBJ Reporting Requirements White Paper

Preparing for PBJ Infographic


A Powerful Tool for Nurse Schedulers

Help your nurse scheduler minimize labor costs with Attendance on Demand. The system can help you:

Pain Relief for the Payroll Department

Reduce the hospital system’s exposure to increasing lawsuits regarding federal labor laws and union rules. Save the payroll department time by:

Convenience for Medical Staff

Web-enabled time clocks allow employees to punch with no installation hassles. Employees with many changes between departments or cost centers can track their own workgroup transfers using online timesheets, available from their web browsers.

10 years of Attendance on Demand