The Benefits of Attendance on Demand

Absent employees cost me money in overtime.

Attendance on Demand user - absenteeism concerns

Attendance on Demand made it easy to see that absent employees were costing me real money. Now employees earn points for absences and are automatically disciplined after five points. Absenteeism has decreased dramatically and so has my overtime cost.

Time cards used to take over my office every two weeks!

Attendance on Demand user - time card concerns

We used to process time cards manually. We were a bit nervous about computerizing, but I had nothing to worry about. Now it takes a couple of hours to do what used to take two days, and I finally have time to get to my other projects.

Scheduling for proper staff coverage was a real problem.

Attendance on Demand user - scheduling concerns

Attendance on Demand saves us so much time in scheduling! I enter our patient census, and scheduling targets are displayed for me. I just schedule my staff until my targets are met. It’s so much easier to get the right people scheduled at the right time. And, I know our facility is complying with state labor laws.

Keeping track of paid time off was a hassle. I know we gave away too much, but with 3 different unions and so many accrual rates, I couldn’t keep up.

Attendance on Demand user - union considerations

Benefit accruals from Attendance on Demand really helped us. The system calculates it automatically — even our most complex union contract. What’s more, employees request their own leave, and that time gets automatically tracked.

10 years of Attendance on Demand