How We Help

You've been looking to simplify employee time tracking, and take the work out of complex employee scheduling and leave management. Hundreds of satisfied organizations have selected Attendance on Demand for:

  • Integration. Attendance on Demand integrates with payroll and time clocks, and fits with your existing workforce management software.
  • Security. Ensure safe and secure data, precise timekeeping, and secure employee information.
  • Compliance with federal regulations, such as FMLA, overtime tracking for FLSA, and help enforcing union regulations.
  • Ease of Use. Get up and running quickly and easily.
  • No IT Costs. Avoid up-front costs for software, hardware infrastructure and support. Pay an affordable subscription fee and save on maintenance, support, and IT costs.
  • A Good Fit. The time tracking solution fits any sized company, any type of business, and handles unique pay rules and pay policies.
10 years of Attendance on Demand