A Good Fit

Attendance on Demand is a complete labor cost management system, customized for your organization using a variety of features:

Fits any size organization

  • Any size organization can benefit from Attendance on Demand.
  • Pay for the time and attendance features you use each month.
  • No complicated IT resources or maintenance.
  • Time-tested technology and experience working with complex pay rules.
  • Customized user profiles to tailor the user experience for a broad range of system users.

Executives, payroll managers, schedulers, system administrators, supervisors, project leaders, and others can have a unique interface that is tailored to improve efficiency and workflow.

Tailored for supervisors, payroll managers, HR managers, and more

Attendance on Demand is uniquely designed to offer supervisors, payroll managers, HR staff and others a customized dashboard of key employee data critical to that person’s responsibility.

  • The payroll manager sees real-time status of control totals and errors, which are flagged for correction before exporting to the payroll service.
  • Supervisors instantly see employees who arrived early, were tardy, or left late.
  • Dashboards show a graphical presentation of employee leave requests, employees currently at work, and the number of shifts worked on that day.

Handles unique pay rules and pay policies

Attendance on Demand takes the work out of handling:

10 years of Attendance on Demand